• conduct noun (pl. conducts) the action of leading; guidance.


    CONDUCT is a leading asset manager specializing in music for the media industries.


    CONDUCT is a value-oriented private equity investor. It deploys capital on behalf of its investors, which include world-class pension funds, hedge funds, and other institutional and individual investors.


    In 2008, CONDUCT launched the first ever private equity fund focused solely on financing the music associated with feature films and television programs and is currently investing its third such media music fund.


    CONDUCT deploys capital directly into the music budgets of media productions in exchange for creating and owning the music copyrights associated with these productions.


    CONDUCT exploits the music assets it owns across its marketing platform which includes an in-house soundtrack label, Varese Sarabande Records.


    With assets under management of approximately $100 million, CONDUCT’s success is predicated on its investment process and approach, which includes deep industry expertise among its investment professionals, as well as flexibility and creativity to invest in an array of media music assets across the sector and at different points in the assets' life-cycles, from origination to mature income streams.